Information & fees for foreigners

Foreigners always have the right to receive treatment in cases of medical emergency. According to various agreements, patients also have the right to receive certain health care. The expenses will be billed according to the following:

Foreigners from EU/EES countries, Switzerland or countries that have an agreement with Finland

Patients will be billed the same patient fees as Finnish residents upon presenting a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or E112.
Please note: for residents in Nordic countries either an EHIC or an ID-card is accepted. The ID-card has to be issued in the same Nordic country where the person is insured.

If an EHIC cannot be presented

The patient will be charged patient fees and is urged to present his/her EHIC (or other valid certificate) within a week. In case no certificate is presented within the time allowed, the patient will be charged with the actual expenses (full costs).

The EHIC is issued by the patient's sickness insurance institution. If the patient has forgotten or lost his/her EHIC he/she can ask them to fax us a provisional replacement certificate.
Fax number: +358 6 786 1351

Foreigners from non-EU/EES countries or countries having no agreement with Finland

For given treatment total expenses will be charged (patient fees and full costs).

Healthcare Fees

Appointment Patient fee Full cost
Emergency doctor's visit 20,60 € - 41,20 € 65,00 € =>
Doctor's or dentist's appointment 11,40 € - 41,20 € 55,00 € =>
Nurse's appointment 0 € - 41,20 € 18,00 € =>
General ward fee (overnight stay) 48,90 €/day 200,00 €/day =>
Appointment at rehabilitation unit 11,40 € 15,00 € =>
Certificate 0 € - 61,00 € -

If patients are insured in their home country, they should contact their insurance company for reimbursement of their medical costs.

In case of unpaid bills, the enforcement service will be contacted.


Last edited 06.05.2020